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Send money to Luxembourg

How can I send money from Canada to Luxembourg?

Sending money to Luxembourg has never been so easy! It’s as simple as providing us with :

  1. Register here
  2. Add your beneficiary’s email
  3. Provide the amount to be transferred
  4. Instantly view the current real-time exchange rates to the Luxembourg and payment options available
  5. Want to send a second payment to the same beneficiary? You can do it instantly by selecting the beneficiary added earlier. This eliminates the tedium of adding the beneficiary bank information all over again.
  6. If you require any further assistance, you can contact us here.

Sending money to the Luxembourg is easy and affordable. If you’re not ready to make a transfer today, you can register your beneficiary details any time and make a payment when you feel fit.

The extensive Remitr Global Network allows you to send business payments to over 150 countries. Effortless --> On Time --> Wherever You Do Business.

Within one business day.

REMITR has worked closely with banks and valuable partners all around the world to bring you the best payment system possible. By making precise improvements to the current payment gateway, we have concurrently improved the speed, price and efficiency of overseas transfers all together. Your payment will reach the desired beneficiary in Luxembourg in no time, while saving you as much stress and money as possible.