Send money to Kenya

Send money to Kenya

Send money to Kenya

Sending money to Kenya from Canada ?

Sending money to Kenya has never been easier! Unlike wire transfers, we don’t need any confusing bank details to make a payment to your partners in Kenya. All we need is the email of your Kenyan beneficiary, and you’re ready to make a stress-free payment to your overseas employees! Stop wasting time and use REMITR today, international payments have never been simpler:

  1. Register here
  2. Add your beneficiary’s email
  3. Provide dollar amount
  4. Instantly view the current real-time exchange rates to Kenya and payment options available
  5. Want to send a second payment to the same beneficiary? You can do it instantly by selecting the beneficiary added earlier. This eliminates the tedium of adding the beneficiary bank information all over again.
  6. If you require any further assistance, you can contact us here.

Sending money to Kenya is simple, fast and easy. If you’re not ready to make a transfer today, you can register your beneficiary details any time and make a payment when you feel fit.

The extensive Remitr Global Network allows you to send business payments to over 150 countries.  Effortless --> On Time --> Wherever You Do Business.

Within one business day.

A notable feature about our platform is that we have developed a highly advanced wireless system for moving money overseas, which sees that your international payment is transferred directly into your Kenyan beneficiary’s bank account. This eliminates the need for third party services and additional transfer fees that most banks will subject your money to without your knowledge. This is because most banks do not have the global partnerships to be able to get your money where it needs to be, and their clients are paying for this lack of efficiency when banks resort to third party assistance to move your money to Kenya. Unlike banks, our team is tightly linked with numerous branches worldwide, which allows us to ensure that your global remit will reach your desired recipient with state-of-the-art speed, while not costing you any additional money.

You can read more about how we are changing the financial gateway into Africa with the help of our partner, Ripple, for the first time ever in Canada here.