Send money to Hong Kong

Send money to Hong Kong

Send money to Hong Kong

Sending money to Hong Kong from Canada?

Sending money to Hong Kong has never been so easy! It’s as simple as providing us with the email of your recipient. Easily make a stress-free payment by following these steps:

  1. Register here
  2. Add your beneficiary’s email
  3. Provide dollar amount
  4. Instantly view the current real-time exchange rates to Hong Kong and payment options available
  5. Want to send a second payment to the same beneficiary? You can do it instantly by selecting the beneficiary added earlier. This eliminates the tedium of adding the beneficiary bank information all over again.
  6. If you require any further assistance, you can contact us here.

Sending money to Hong Kong is simple, easy, and stress-free. If you’re not ready to make a transfer today, you can register your beneficiary details any time and execute a transaction whenever you feel fit.

The extensive Remitr Global Network allows you to send business payments to over 150 countries.  Effortless --> On Time --> Wherever You Do Business.

Within one business day.

By reinventing the international payments landscape, we are able to provide you with a nearly instant, close to free and highly trusted service. REMITR is a team of innovative techies born from an unyielding desire to change the tyrannic system of cross-border money transfers. When you use REMITR, your money transfer to Hong Kong is executed with speed and accuracy that is virtually unmatchable.

Depending on the specifications of your business, we provide different sending limits for each account. Contact use directly to discover the sending range for your company’s account.