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REMITR has partnered with Ripple to bring you the most technologically advanced and contemporary solutions for your international payments.
The Benefits

By integrating our technology with Ripple, REMITR is able to make seamless payments across the globe in as little as seconds, with one mere click of a button. Customers can send payments for invoices, salary payment to employees and contractors, as well as personal remittances to friends and family.

Currently REMITR powers money transfers through Ripple network, to bank accounts in Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria.


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SPEED | Blockchain technology ensures that your payments around the world are flawlessly processed end-to-end, eliminating delays and that are typical in wire transfers. You can now transfer money within the blink of an eye-- all it takes is one click. By eliminating the inefficiencies of wire transfer and other solutions, we’re able to decrease costs, while simultaneously improving speed for our customer’s satisfaction.

SECURE | REMITR+Ripple solution allows you to track where your money is in real-time, this way you can feel at ease while sending money to your beneficiaries-- maximum grade security is guaranteed. Ripple’s partner network in conjunction with our technology ensures that you can stop worrying about payment uncertainties, and instead focus on your fundamental goals as a company.

COST | When it comes to international payments, emerging markets around the world entails a wide spectrum of inefficient processes and complications that result in soaring costs. With Ripple’s cutting edge speed, and REMITR’s affordability-- you’re now getting the best of both worlds.
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