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Experience the stress-free alternative to wire transfers for your travel business.


With REMITR’s high-speed payments, it’s ensured that your customers are never inconvenienced when they arrive at a foreign destination for both business, or leisure. We make it fast and easy to send international payments to over 150 countries worldwide.

Pay your travel partners across the world for organizing tours, hotel bookings, experiences, cruises, conferences, business travel and more with ease, and speed. You can easily pay them without even knowing their bank details!


Technology changing the market

Technological advancements in recent years have allowed people to move forward, improving efficiency in their daily lives. With numerous websites and resources like Google readily available for people to consult, not many people use travel agencies to answer their questions anymore. Technology has evolved, thus your company must evolve, too. With product availability and market prices constantly changing all around the world, you need a more comprehensive platform to work with. Seeing real-time exchange rates worldwide and having access to a fast and easy international payment service is a critical aspect in developing your travel agency and keeping you clients happy. That’s why REMITR provides the fastest and most efficient cross borders money transfer service— with live exchange rates for over 150 countries— so that you can pay your travel partners with maximum speed and efficiency.

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Don’t let hectic holiday seasons slow down your payments

Is your travel agency struggling to keep up with the rush of the holidays? Making international payments to your travel partners can be stressful and overwhelming during these times. That’s why we’ve created a cross-borders payment service that ensures your money transfer reaches the desired beneficiary within one business day, regardless of the amount your company sends.


Massive competition?

It’s no secret that the travel industry is an increasingly competitive market. Many travel agencies struggle discovering how to stand out from their competitors. Using a reputable and trustworthy service that is highly convenient for your customers is a crucial factor in maintaining valuable relationships with your clients.

At REMITR, we believe in transparency and trust— and so do your clients. No customer wants to deal with the hassle of payment processing or expensive fees. Not only do we provide real time exchange rates and the fastest processing speed possible, but we also charge the absolute lowest flat fee of $5 CAD per transfer. We know you have no money to waste. We are dedicated to saving you as much time and money as possible, and that’s why we don’t charge a hidden percentage fee from the total payout either. We encourage you to compare our rates to other money transfer services. .


Customer Loyalty?

REMITR is registered and regulated under FINTRAC, a financial intelligence service that oversees all banks in Canada. Our service is completely trusted and secured with your money, in addition to being the fastest and easiest payment service. Many clients pay attention to a travel agency’s social responsibility when determining whether or not they trust their services or not. That’s why using an international money transfer service like ours to organize your clients trip— with rocket speed, low prices and optimal efficiency— is a critical factor in keeping your customers happy.


Automate your international Payments


Put Your Payments On Autopilot

Connect REMITR Business Payments with your platform or your accounting software to automate when you want your payments to be sent. That way you can focus on growing your business and stop worrying about keeping tabs on hundreds and thousands of payments to your independent contractors and freelancers.


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