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Elevate your reputation with the most reliable and low-cost payment system.

Business is based off relationship-building. The key to developing and maintaining high quality relationships with your employees and partners is to set strong foundations.

A company’s payment structure often isn’t prioritized when they think of how to thrive down the line. Setting up a problem-free payment method will be the MVP to heightening your business’ success. An effective payment plan plants a resilient root for the rest of your operations to flourish.

North America: Canada, United States

Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom

Asia: India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, China, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam


Adopting the right payment plan will help your following opportunities below:

  • Exhibitor positions at conferences
  • Hosting conferences and events
  • Outsourcing project-based work
  • Long-term partnerships
  • Domestic and international staff retention or loyalty
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    Choosing the most transparent, cost-effective money service business (MSB)

    We are 5x more affordable than wire transfers and 50% less than other MSBs. With our flat fee of $1 per domestic transfer, and $5 or $10 per international transfer, you won’t find a more affordable payments platform.

    Wire transfers, cheques, PayPal, and other MSBs attach hidden service or inward-remittance fees at different stages in the transaction process. This not only pulls more money from your budget as a business, but also often causes the beneficiary to pay a fee to withdraw the funds. This lack of transparency not only inconveniences your company, but also your beneficiary, and hinders their likelihood to work with you again.

    Another charge often added on is a currency conversion rate, whereas we only charge our flat fee and don’t operate on a margin increase - this applies to mass payouts as well. This means you can make your mass payments in one-go without racking up fees per transfer - all you do is pay one flat fee.

    We also offer the best live exchange rates to help you save as much as possible!


    Automating your mass payouts

    Integrate our API with your internal management or accounting software so that all your data can be synced, and saved. You error-proof the process with our service, as it removes potential mistakes made my manual recordings. Not to mention it saves you from undergoing a tedious, energy and time-consuming task!

    Mass payout automation, with REMITR’s platform, also means all your mass payments can be made in one transaction with only a singular flat fee rather than a rack-up of rates per individual transfer within the mass payout.


    Speeding-up and streamlining your transactions

    You can expect your domestic beneficiaries to be able to access their payments between 4 hours of sending money.

    Same-day payroll has never been more consistently and reliably achievable!

    You can expect your international beneficiaries to receive their payments within 1 business day.

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    Simplifying and securing the process

    Skip the hassle of collecting detailed bank information - all you need to make your payments is the email address of your beneficiaries!

    REMITR is registered with FINTRAC (registration number: M16622267), ensuring your financial information is 100% safe and protected.

    Automate your international Payments


    Put Your Payments On Autopilot

    Connect REMITR Business Payments with your platform or your accounting software to automate when you want your payments to be sent. That way you can focus on growing your business and stop worrying about keeping tabs on hundreds and thousands of payments to your independent contractors and freelancers.