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Overseas Payments

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Run campaigns in over 150 countries at a rate 6x less than wire-transfers.

North America: Canada, United States

Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom

Asia: India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, China, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Brazil, Chile

Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya


Gain and retain high quality publishers.

REMITR makes it easy to ensure you pay your publishers accurately and on-time. The easier it is to pay high quality publishers, the easier it is to gain and retain them. It’s a win for all parties.

A top complaint made by publishers surrounds the inconsistency of payment methods used by Ad Networks. Cheques, Paypal, and wire transfers perpetuate this problem due to the following reasons:

Delayed delivery times. It can take up to 2 weeks until the payment is accessible to the beneficiary.

Cumulative hidden service fees, inward-remittance fees, and currency conversion rates.

Errors made by manually recording and tracking financial information.

Unable to locate Global Block

Resolve publisher complaints, receive publisher satisfaction.

Earn their loyalty and enhanced performance by providing a consistent, reliable payment method with the following qualities:


Lowest Cost

Canadian transfers cost a flat fee of $1. International transfers cost a flat fee of $5 or $10. This is the most inexpensive rate you will find for an online business payment platform. We do not charge a percentage on any of your payments, nor do we operate on a margin increase.

Our flat fees apply to our one-transaction mass payouts method, meaning rates don’t add up per individual payment. There is no hidden or added charges at any stage of the payment process.

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Automation and Customization

Make multiple payments in one transaction at one flat fee of $1, $5, or $10. Our API automates your mass payments in one-go without racking up rates per individual payment.

Is your payment cycle NET15, NET30, NET45, NET60, or other? No problem. We allow you to create custom payment schedules that work best for your agency..

We understand that if you’re a mid-size Ad Network, you pay 500-3,000 publishers per month. And if you’re a large-scale Ad Network, you pay a minimum of 3,500 publishers per month.

Keeping track of bank information and historical payment data can take up unnecessary time and energy if done manually or spread out with multiple software programs. We simplify this step by automating transaction information in one spot, making it easier for you to access the information as well.

The only task you’ll have to do is set up an account with us and collect the email addresses of your beneficiaries.

Skip the hassle and mess of manually dealing with transactional details to multiple publishers. We provide a clean process that is the most convenient for you!


Streamlined System

Domestic beneficiaries can expect payments in as little as 4 hrs and at most 24 hrs. International beneficiaries can expect payments within 1 business day.

We don’t want you to settle for delayed and inconsistent payments that cause payment pains, inconveniencing everyone involved. You can rely on REMITR for same-day or next-day payment that is accessible to your beneficiaries. We are the only money service business that is this fast, this consistently and within a user-friendly set-up.

Payment-sending and receiving has never been so seamless!

24/7 Availability

Don’t let bank business hours constrain your payment schedule or postpone payment processing!

With REMITR, you can customize your payment schedule to fit your needs and purposes, rather than having to pigeonhole yourself on the timeframes of other institutions. You also save yourself the unnecessary trip to the bank that would otherwise eat up more of your time.

Free more of your time and energy up to business matters that you want to focus on.


Seamless Operation

Our automated error-proof process tracks your financial history. Not only does this remove the time and energy put towards manually recording and tracking financial information, but it also gets rid of the room for potential mistakes made by such manual work.

No need to worry about troubleshooting errors or hunting down missed or miscalculated details - our platform is created so you don’t have to worry about stitch-work. Clean, convenient, fast, and easy to use!

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Simplified Transaction

Get rid of dealing with bank information. All we require is the email of your beneficiaries to make your payments. Many problems associated with wire transfers is potentially inputting the incorrect bank information. Some companies then hire programs to troubleshoot this problem if they don’t handle it manually. We ensure this won’t be a problem you have to deal with in the first place.



Financial stress can become a huge source of unwellness. Don’t let yourself get to that point with a platform that has your business’ well-being in mind. We’re here to help alleviate your worries, rather than add to them, so we are committed to securing your financial information.

To ensure you are protected, REMITR is registered with FINTRAC who oversees all the financial institutions in Canada. Our registration number is M16622267.

You can feel at ease about your financial data with REMITR. You can see our licensing and business details here.


How does the right payment platform optimize your agency?

More of your focus can be dedicated towards:

  • Improving your campaign
  • Strategizing a smarter ads dispersal
  • Acquiring more conversions
  • Upgrading your retargeting techniques
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    How do you find the right payment platform for your Ad Network?

    Pick a provider that is transparent in their offer and operations. Did you know that other business payment platforms charge a currency conversion rate on top of their transactional fee? We provide you the best live exchange rates without blindsiding you with an additional charge of a currency conversion rate.

    Pick a provider that will support your agency every step of the way. We’re just one phone call away if you need to be rescued.


    What is the minimum and maximum amount I can send?

    You can make a minimum payment of $50.

    Other business payment platforms require your company send a minimum of $2,500. We understand not all gigs meet that minimum cut-off, and we don’t want to limit your operations.

    The maximum payment you can send is $25,000CAD.


    Automate your international Payments


    Put Your Payments On Autopilot

    Connect REMITR Business Payments with your platform or your accounting software to automate when you want your payments to be sent. That way you can focus on growing your business and stop worrying about keeping tabs on hundreds and thousands of payments to your independent contractors and freelancers.