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Pay your International Freelancers

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Overseas Payments

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Freelancer payments redefined

No bank details required

Paying freelance contractors for your work and dealing with payment frustrations? Do delays in payments bog you down? Setting up new contractors for payments a chore? REMITR is here to help! With REMITR, there’s no need to spend any time searching for your freelancers’ bank details. All our platform requires is the email address of your beneficiaries. Plus, our automation feature ensures they get paid accurately and on time.

Automate through aPI

Making payments to hundreds or thousands of independent contractors is no problem either! Our API easily integrates into your accounting software, so you can automate your bookkeeping and payments. We save you the time, energy, and tedium of having to manually record your financial historical data, allowing you to dedicate more of your efforts on running your operations.

24X7 Payments

With REMITR, your domestic freelancers can expect to access their funds within 24 hours, and your international freelancers within 1-2 days! It’s that fast and simple when we enable your company to make payments 24/7 (business hours be gone!) to over 150 countries.


No hidden charges

You can make multiple payments with us, whether you're doing a few payments or thousands of payment a week. Make fund transfers all in one go, at a flat rate. We remove the tedious task of individually processing each payment. Our unique, transparent pricing model:

  • We don’t rack up rates based on each payment you make.
  • We don’t bombard you with hidden fees or bureaucratic proceedings associated with wire-transfers and cheques.
  • No monthly / annual subscription fees or account maintenance charges.
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    Small gigs? No problem

    REMITR enables you to send payments as low as $50.00. Other platforms often demand your company to send a higher minimum payment to your beneficiaries, beginning at $500 or more. We understand not all gigs are hired with that cut-off in mind, and we don’t want to limit you.

    We give you free reign to pay smaller-scale jobs because we understand that businesses sometimes need to outsource odd jobs here and there. With our payments platform, you can employ the type of freelance and contract work you want.


    Best exchange rates 24/7

    By sending payment in the recipient’s currency, REMITR is able to achieve massive savings for your freelancers compared to receiving USD and then letting their bank convert to local currency at unattractive exchange rates. In addition, there are no remittance processing fees payable by your freelancer when receiving payment in their local currency.

  • You’re offered the most cost-effective times to send your international payouts.

  • Our platform allows you to be informed anytime, anywhere, so you can make the best choices and payment plan for your company
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    Choose when you pay

    By connecting your accounting software to REMITR, you can select and automate the timing of your payments. This way, you can focus on growing your business, rather than worrying about keeping track of hundreds and thousands of payments.

  • You can create an automated payment schedule custom to your company’s unique needs and preferences.

  • You don’t need to be confined by bank or business hours! Make your payouts according to your own timeline and terms.

  • Custom automation removes the looming task of manually organizing and making all your payouts on time
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    Expand your reach

    Grow your business by employing internationally. Automatically pay your freelancers in the following countries:

    North America: Canada, United States

    Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom

    Asia: India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, China, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

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    How do I prevent lowered payments to our freelancers?

    Wire transfers, cheques, and PayPal platforms charge processing fees at every stage of the payment process. These include service fees and inward-remittance fees. This problem exacerbates when taking different tax laws and exchange rates of each payment-receiving country into account.

    REMITR offers the best live exchange rates along with a flat fee. This means we offer the lowest charge on all your payments, so you can make the most inexpensive international funds transfer every time.


    Automate your international Payments


    Put Your Payments On Autopilot

    Connect REMITR Business Payments with your platform or your accounting software to automate when you want your payments to be sent. That way you can focus on growing your business and stop worrying about keeping tabs on hundreds and thousands of payments to your independent contractors and freelancers.

    Maximize your freelancers money, as well as yours.

    Navigating the gig economy can be tricky, but no need to fret! We’re here to help.