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Getting paid for your exports in USD, GBP or EUR? With Remitr’s Global Business Account (GBA), you can stop paying those unnecessarily high conversion fees.

Remitr Advantage

The Remitr Advantage

Low Foreign Exchange Rates Link to PayPal, Shopify, Stripe Receive Payments in Dollars, Pounds and Euros
Tired of converting your USD, GBP, EUR online sales to CAD at ridiculously high currency rates?
Receive your sales payouts directly to your Remitr GBA and add up to 2% back to you profits.

Remitr Global Business Account

It Really Is This Simple

Receive Payments in USD, GBP, EUR

Receive in USD, GBP, EUR

Remitr GBA sets you up with your own virtual bank accounts in the US, Europe and the UK.

You also get an email notification every time a deposit is made to your GBA.

Save on Foreign Exchange Fees

Save on Fx Fees

Receive sales payouts directly to your GBA.

You also save up to 2% on conversion costs when you withdraw from GBA to your Canadian bank account (vs. converting to CAD through your bank).

Convert From Remitr GBA to CAD Bank Account

Wait to Convert

Make supplier payments directly from your Remitr GBA.

You also have the luxury of converting to your CAD bank account whenever you wish.

Remitr Advantage

The Global Business Account Difference

Global Business Account Difference
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hold multiple currencies in my Remitr GBA?

Yes. The USD, GBP, EUR accounts are separate, unique local accounts, and customers can hold currencies simultaneously in each of them.

What are the fees for receiving money into my Remitr GBA?

There is no fee for receiving money into your Global Business Account.

What are the fees for transferring funds from my GBA to my local bank account?

Transfers from your GBA to a local bank account are processed at Remitr’s low, flat rate of $5.