API Integration

Our API (Application Program Interface) capability provides you with full control to make international payments directly from your existing software. The API is meant to integrate a high level of automation into your accounting / ERP / payables system.

REMITR Business Payments API technology:

  • JSON based data notations make it easy to use our API from any programming language

  • RestFUL API so you don’t have to do any session management

  • Secure API keys ensure only you have access to your payments data

REMITR Business Payments API lets you automate the following payment processes:

  • Creating Transactions
  • Creating New Beneficiaries
  • Retrieving Transaction Lists
  • Retrieving Transaction Status
  • Retrieve Beneficiary Lists
  • Checking the Current Exchange Rate
  • And much more...

REMITR API Integration helps you by :

  • Eliminating the need to first export data from your accounting system, and then import it into your banking / payment system.

  • Preventing any errors in manual data entry

  • Enabling timely payments to suppliers and vendors abroad as per your preferred payment cycle.

You get access to the complete API documentation and expert chat/email support from our technical support team whenever required. Login to your REMITR Business Payments account to gain access your custom API key, along with complete API documentation.