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Our API (Application Program Interface) capability provides you with full control to make international payments directly from your existing software. The API is meant to integrate a high level of automation into your accounting / ERP / payables system.

REMITR Api Integration helps you by :

  • Eliminating data export from accounting and then import into banking / payment system
  • Preventing any errors in manual data entry
  • Timely payment to suppliers and vendors abroad as per your preferred payment cycle
  • REMITR Business Payments API lets you automate the following payment processes:

  • Creating transactions
  • Creating new beneficiaries
  • Retrieve transaction list
  • Retrieve transaction status
  • Retrieve beneficiary list
  • Check the current exchange rate
  • And much more...
  • REMITR Business Payments API technology:

  • JSON based data notations make it easy to use our API from any programming language
  • RestFUL API so you don’t have to do any session management
  • Secure API keys ensure only you have access to your payments data
  • REMITR payments API supports these advanced security features:

  • IP whitelisting for your account - restrict your API calls from within your network only
  • Secure https access
  • VPN based access to your API (optional)

  • You get access to the complete API documentation and expert chat/email support from our technical support team whenever required. Login to your REMITR Business Payments account to gain access your custom API key, along with complete API documentation.

    The complete REMITR API technical documentation is available here.

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