The Operating System for global collection and payment.

Remitware Payments is joining ADGM RegLab program to launch MoneyOS as an innovative mechanism for international payments that is safe, compliant and secure.

Remitware will be working closely with the regulators at ADGM’s RegLab, to further develop and scale MoneyOS for global commerce and remittances. MoneyOS will enable businesses to use a single global account to collect payments from any where and make payments effortlessly.


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What is MoneyOS

Everything you’ll ever need.

Orbit shifting innovation in payments space requires an active regulatory support that is receptive to creating new models. With the launch of MoneyOS in association with ADGM RegLab, we are bringing to market innovations which would not have been possible to develop or scale in an uncertain regulatory environment.

A single global account to manage all your collections and payments across the world, with multi-level access and stringent security controls.


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