Update From REMITR Regarding COVID-19

Update From REMITR Regarding COVID-19

To Our Community:

In light of COVID-19, we are all faced with great uncertainty and the need to make bold decisions. At REMITR, we remain focussed on one pressing goal – supporting our customers, staff, business partners, and community through this crisis, so that we may all emerge physically, emotionally, and fiscally fit to face the future together.

We continue to prioritize supporting our customers and their ever-evolving needs in the new reality that we’re entering together – because that’s the only way forward. Team REMITR has always prided itself on being a champion for small businesses. As we pivot and respond to the emerging global shift, the very real need to band together and unite around the founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners that are the backbone of our economy could not be more apparent. 

In the past few weeks, we have taken rapid action and will continue to evolve our response as the situation around COVID-19 develops. In the spirit of transparency, we are sharing our decisions with you, so that they may be helpful in formulating your own business’ response plan.

These are difficult and unprecedented times, and we’re grateful to our customers, partners and investors for their continued support. It is now more critical than ever that our actions are dictated by  our core values – that we are kind in what we do, and generous in the support we give. And to all those providing essential services, who do not have the luxury of finding safety behind closed doors – we thank you for your service and your sacrifice. 

Stay healthy,

Kanchan Kumar and Sandeep Todi

Here are some steps we have taken at REMITR so far:
  • March 12 – A task force was created to monitor guidance from government and health organizations and to strategize real-time response plans.
  • March 13 – All REMITR staff, across all geographies, began working from home until further notice. All travel has been suspended and meetings are being conducted digitally.
  • March 13 – An email was sent to REMITR customers informing them that, after discussion with business and operational partners, we do not anticipate any disruption in service.
  • March 22 – Both co-founders began making personal calls to customers to understand how their business is being affected and if there is a way that we can leverage our network in support.
  • March 24- Impromptu virtual ‘watercooler’ sessions via Google Hangouts were enabled to encourage team bonding.
  • March 25 – REMITR announced the “No Fees Initiative”, removing transfer fees on all payments (both domestic and international) for all existing and new customers in an effort to support small businesses during this pandemic. This initative is being supported by MaRS and DMZ
  • March 26 – An All-Hands-On-Deck meeting as well as a weekly newsletter was created as a way to bolster morale, unite the team and share wins.
  • April 3rd – REMITR launches SEED, an interactive directory of offerings for businesses, by businesses. 

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