Top 5 Project Management Tools For Small Businesses

Top 5 Project Management Tools For Small Businesses

What are project management/productivity tools?

Project management tools and productivity softwares provide all sorts of companies and small businesses with so many benefits. Their main benefit is that they help keep everything and everyone organized. They allow you to report on the status of projects, and to easily collaborate on tasks with colleagues. They help you analyze your workload and, most importantly, help you reach your goals.

Small Businesses

Almost all large organizations use project management tools to help keep everyone on the same page. However unfortunately, there are many small businesses deciding to operate without it.

Common reasons small businesses say they don’t use project management software include:

  • Can’t afford them
  • No time to learn how to use them
  • Already use enough tools
  • It’s more of a distraction

If you find yourself thinking along the same lines, stop for a minute. Wouldn’t you love to say goodbye to sticky notes? Ever think if you would love to know exactly how colleagues are getting on with their tasks? Would you love for work to be more organized and stress free?

We thought so. So, we’ve decided to help you out. Here’s our list of the most affordable and easy to use project management or productivity tools for your small businesses.


Wrike’s platform is built to scale for your growing business. The system breaks down goals into manageable units such as folders, tasks, and subtasks. This will make it super easy for you to track project progress of employees.

Its core features also include Gantt Chart, resource management, time and budget tracking, calendar synchronization and many more! The system is available for different sizes of teams, and even has freemium plan with basic features for teams of 5 people or less.

Higher-tiered subscriptions, loaded with more advanced features start at $9.80 per user per month.


If your emphasis is on collaboration, Basecamp could be just the perfect project management app for you.

Basecamp consolidates to-do lists, spreadsheets and documents and streamlines emails and chats for clear communication. It’s very user friendly – the perfect system for first time project management software users. The visual home screen organizes everything, such as tasks, statuses, notes, etc, in a centralized place. Discussion boards make it easy to organize related conversations and follow or back-read the topics. Color-coded shared folders allow teams and members to easily access similar sets of files.

However, you may outgrow it as you need more sophisticated task management tools for more complex and specialized projects. Basecamp is priced at $99 per month for businesses, and accommodates unlimited users. It’s worth noting that non-profit organisations enjoy a 10% discount.


Asana is another effective tool for tracking and managing your team’s projects. It works best with small companies transitioning to more complex projects, accommodating 15 members.

It offers a simple dashboard with unlimited projects, tasks and conversations which are suitable for teams that are just getting started. Their platform offers real-time updates that show all changes made, while task priority helps teams be more productive.

Asana has three pricing plans – free, premium and enterprise. It offers one of the most comprehensive features for a free plan which sets it apart from other alternatives.


Teamwork Projects is another tool that offers an array of features small businesses may find useful.

It allows you to track and manage everything that goes into a project. Its features include individual tasks, calendars, and milestones – employees can be assigned their roles inside each specific project. In addition to all this, the software enables you to send messages to coworkers, track time, and even bill clients.

Teamwork offers a limited ‘free forever’ package for 5 users or less. They also offer a more comprehensive pro ($9 p/m) and premium ($15 p/m) package.


This project management or productivity tool works best for creatives and software development teams.

Trello’s movable visual boards make it easy to see the progress of tasks, and to share data related to a task. Its drag-and-drop simplicity lets you move from planning to execution to accomplished with ease. It is high quality and super easy to use, but it may not be ideal for handling complex projects that require analytics or customized reporting.

It also has upgradable features such as integrations, team overviews and advanced security.

Trello is offered for free to teams and individual users – perfect for small businesses. Users may upgrade to a premium plan (starting at $9.99 per month per user) to access additional features.


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