Top 10 Apps That Will Save You The Most Money In 2018


apps to save you money

Whether you’re running a business or running a household, it’s never a bad idea to save up some money.

It’s a simple idea – the more savings you have, the more financial freedom you have to expand, to pay off credit card debts or even to just secure yourself on a rainy day.

However, when it comes to actually being able to save up, it’s a lot easier said than done. But thankfully nowadays, just like with everything else, there’s an app for that.

Lots of them actually – here are our top 10 apps that are guaranteed to help you save money easily.


Do you ever find yourself asking “where did my money go this month?”, if so, KOHO could be the smart-spending app for you.

KOHO is a Canadian company that offers consumers a free prepaid, reloadable card that works alongside an integrated app.

The app allows users to keep track of their spending in real time, while the KOHO card can be used anywhere in the World that Visa is accepted.

KOHO say that within 3 weeks, the average user reduces their spending by 15%.


Thrive describes itself as a financial wellness app for organizations.

The app automatically figures out how much its users can afford to save, based on their lifestyle, job-type, income, and spending.

Users can set goals regarding what they want to save up for, be it a wedding, a vacation or a new car.

Thrive is offered through employers/organizations – meaning users avail of the app at no cost. It even allows employers to pay bonuses to workers straight into their savings.

Clarity Money 

Clarity money helps its users to eradicate wasteful spending.

Using AI (Artificial Intelligence), this free app analyzes your bank accounts, your recurring subscriptions and your spending habits.

This allows the app to do things like cancel subscriptions you’re not using or don’t need and look for ways to negotiate your bills down to a lower rate.

You can also create a savings account with the app – so you’ll have a convenient place to store all the money that you will save. 


Digit allows you to forget about saving money, because it does all the work for you.

This app looks at your current income and expenditure and then it budgets for whatever you so desire – be it paying off your credit card, your next vacation or saving for retirement.

Digit also allows you to earn a 1% savings bonus. This bonus is paid every three months and is based on the average daily balance in your account during that three-month period. 


Qapital’s app allows its users to create goal-based savings accounts.

Similar to Revolut, whenever the user make a purchase, the card rounds up to the nearest dollar and saves the change towards one of your savings goals.

Qapital has also added an extra element of fun to saving for its users. For example, you can set up your account to save $5 whenever your favourite team scores, or every time Donald Trump sends a tweet! Imagine how much you’d save when he is on a tweetstorm!

Qapital users automatically earn interest on all the money in their accounts, and are not charged any fees.

When opening a Qapital account, no opening deposit is required. 


This app allows its users to keep track of all their finances and activity from all their accounts, including chequing, saving and credit.

Mint categorizes your spending, takes note of your spending habits and creates a budget for your future spending.

Mint users can avail of a free credit score to monitor their savings and habits and hopefully give them the opportunity to get a better loan rate for large purchases in the future, such as a new car or a home.

As well as all of this, iPad users can use the graph function to see a visual representations of their net worth and cash flow. 


Trim is basically a personal financial assistant for its users.

Once you’ve signed up, you can link all of your accounts to the app. Trim will then begin to analyse your transactions, allowing it to suggest what you’re spending too much on and what subscriptions you do not need.

As well as all of this, the app can find users more affordable services such as internet providers and car insurance.

If you’re a Trim user, you’ll be able to get text updates on how your accounts are looking and if any automated changes have been made, you will be notified instantly. 

You Need A Budget 

If you need to budget, then you need YNAB.

This app is super easy to use, and allows you to connect all your bank accounts in one place.

YNAB has features that help you set goals, and that not only teach you the best way to get out of debt, but to stay out of it too.

Your saving progress is super easy to track with the app’s graphs and charts.

YNAB’s software works on Windows and Mac, all mobile devices, Apple Watch and Amazon‘s Alexa.


Honey was described by Time Magazine as “Basically free money”.

It is a Chrome extension that saves you both time and money. It stops you having to trawl the internet for sweet deals and discount codes by doing all the work for you.

When shopping online, simply click on the Honey button during checkout and the app will automatically apply coupon codes to your shopping cart.

Honey currently supports shopping sites in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and India as well as sites that serve global customers – it works with huge shopping sites such as Target, Victoria’s Secret, Amazon, and many more. 

Vacation Fund

Everyone needs a holiday once in a while, and this app is the perfect tool to help a company’s employees save up, jet off and recharge their batteries.

Vacation Fund is essentially an employer-matched travel savings program.

It allows employees to direct some of their wages into a separate Vacation Fund Account. It also allows the employer to match a portion of their contribution.

This app can be a real booster for morale in the workplace, as not only does this make your employees’ dream trips more financially attainable, but it sends the message that the team is encouraged to spend some down time away from the office.

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