The Top 10 IT Outsourcing Companies In India 2019

The Top 10 IT Outsourcing Companies In India 2019

Year after year, internet and technological capabilities continue to advance. Companies are scrambling worldwide to make the best use of these advancements to enhance their services.

One such way companies are improving their output is through outsourcing. Outsourcing is the process of paying any other company or individual to get your work done.

These individuals or businesses can be located in any country. The most popular country for businesses to outsource to is India. India provides a highly skilled workforce, and a cheaper cost of labour than in the US or the EU.

The Indian Government incentivizes the outsourcing industry in the country to help grow the countries GDP. India offers low interest rates, fewer foreign exchange restrictions and is developing as an IT enclave.  

Top 10 IT Outsourcing Companies In India

Love it or hate it, outsourcing has become a permanent feature of doing business in today’s world. In 2017, the global market for IT outsourcing services stood at a value of about $64billion USD.

In a competitive business environment, nothing but the best choices help a company get ahead of its rivals. So, if you need help with your company’s IT capabilities, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s 10 of the best IT outsourcing companies in India, and how they can help your business.


Trigent has over 22 years of extensive experience in software development. They have worked with companies of all sizes to design, develop and test their services.

As one of the best IT outsourcing companies in India, the company’s services include data, cloud, blockchain and real-time location systems. They most typically caters for the healthcare, retail, education and manufacturing industries. 


Founded in 1996, Marlabs specialties include cloud, analytics, application development, Microsoft, and more.

Marlabs helps companies adopt digital transformation using cutting-edge technologies like, blockchain and Hyper-Personalization. This company typically caters for the healthcare, banking, insurance, and aviation industries.

Clarion Technologies

Clarion Technologies is a leading IT solutions provider specializing in web, mobile and cloud services.

They help clients leverage the best of the outsourcing world using world-class technical supervision and infrastructure.

In addition to the above, Clarion offer services in analytics, applications testing and agile project management. Industries that may consider outsourcing with Clarion Technology in India include healthcare, retail, e-Learning and digital marketing.

Top 10 IT Outsourcing Companies In India


QBurst is a product development and consulting company with a strong focus on new-generation technology platforms.

With offices across the globe, QBurst employees range from designers and UX engineers to business analysts and project management professionals.

Their services include mobile and web development, CRM, big data and analytics, user experience, and cloud-based solutions. QBurst’s services are usually availed of by businesses in the healthcare, retail, education and manufacturing industries.


Netgains was founded in 2004, and has been assisting organizations globally with their IT software ever since. They provide everything from solutions in design and application development to internet marketing.

Their team includes highly skilled software engineers, web developers, UX/UI designers, 3D experts, CMS, Marketing Analyst.

This service is typically availed of by companies in the healthcare, retail, eLearning and digital marketing industries.


Brainvire is an award-winning global IT services company. It offers a wide range of IT solutions to businesses looking to work with the latest technologies for business development.

The company specialises in mobile app development (Android, iOS, Windows), web app development and e-commerce development. It usually caters for the retail, education, finance, and entertainment industries.


Neologix has been providing web and mobile application development to its clients worldwide for over 16 years.

The company specialises in app development, web design, offshore staffing, testing and Q&A services. This company usually caters for the logistics, transportation, hospitality, and government industries. 

Top 10 IT Outsourcing Companies In India


Founded in 2007, GirnarSoft is a software development company with a focus on innovation and speed. They have teams of highly trained professionals, who you have the ability to hire from.

GirnarSoft’s particular areas of expertise include app development, web design, offshore staffing, testing and Q&A services.

This platform is commonly used by companies in the automobile, finance, social networking, tourism and entertainment industries.


ISHIR has been providing custom software development services for clients for over 19 years.

ISHIR’s software solutions help clients build and integrate sophisticated business applications. They provide dependable software solutions in UX design, AI, big data analytics, robotic process automation, cloud and much, much more.

The company’s platform is commonly used by organizations in the retail, hospitality and real estate industries.  

Kellton Tech Solutions

Founded in 1993, Kellton Tech is a global IT company that offers a wide range of services to all sizes of businesses.

Regarded as one of the best IT outsourcing companies in India, Kellton’s solutions and services include product conceptualization, creative and user Design.

Their key services also include web and mobile app development, quality assurance and testing, hosting and security. This company caters for a variety of industries, including healthcare, banking, insurance, and aviation.  

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