How To Apply For An Australian Working Holiday Visa


Apply for Australian holiday working visa

There are so many reasons to move to Australia. Which, is why applying for an Australian working holiday visa is a great idea.  One of the big reasons is the weather, with the average January high in Sydney being 26°C! And during the Australian winter, the temperatures aren’t bad either – the average June high being 17°C. Australia has one of the lowest air pollution levels in the world, as well as some of the … Read More

6 Ways to Keep Your International Freelancers Happy


Most companies see freelancers as vendors who work with them on one or two projects, and do not take a long-term view. However, it’s important to recognize that freelancers work just as hard as someone who’s at an office desk from 9-5.

All You Need to Know about Hiring International Freelancers


hire international freelancers

There is a need to rely on freelancers to work on various projects as the cost of human resources is increasing all over the world for local, and full-time employees. Even big agencies with a large workforce turn to freelancers on occasion. For smaller agencies and start-ups, freelancers are essential for hitting targets on time. With rising costs of local resources, many companies hire offshore freelancers offshore who offer competitive work rates. The value also … Read More