Alternatives to Payoneer For International Payments


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Considering the way modern businesses operates, there are so many more alternatives to Payoneer. However, some of the methods used by companies for international money transfer can act as a barrier between businesses. Sending large sums of money can cost both the sender and recipient in fees, leading to friction between companies and their international clients and freelancers. Some transfers can take days – if not weeks –  to be processed, leaving companies and/or freelancers … Read More

Alternative to OFX for International Money Transfers



For many years, banks were the only way to transfer money overseas. The primary method used was wire transfer. This allowed banks to charge exorbitant fees, high fx conversion margins, and a whole bunch of hidden costs. Today however, the international money transfer market is flooded with options and sometimes choosing the right option in itself can be the tricky. In this article, we will compare a few popular international remittance alternatives and analyze it … Read More

The Alternative to Payment Rails for International Money Transfers


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Transferring money internationally is not something most people do regularly. It is only when we actually start looking for services to make international money transfers in which we realize there are in fact many options out there. Traditionally, people have used bank transfers and, later on, payment providers like Western Union and PayPal to make transfers. With individuals and businesses increasingly affiliating with partners overseas, it has become imperative to find a reliable and economically-progressive … Read More

Alternative to Tipalti for International Money Transfers


alternative to tipalti

Are you faced with the challenge of choosing a service provider for making international money transfers, supplier payments and salary to overseas staff? If yes, then help is at hand. In this article, we will decode what is involved in such payments. We will also take a look at a few of the service providers and analyze where they stand given the respective benchmarks we are about to introduce to you. When it comes to … Read More

Alternative to Transferwise for International Money Transfers


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International money transfers are common transactions nowadays. Reasons range from family members living and earning abroad, to an increasing need for businesses to pay out to freelancers or staff in other countries. If you are sending or receiving regular international remittances, the decision must be a well-informed one. Common points to consider when making a choice – safety, price, service charges, currency conversion rates and the actual time the transfer takes? The options are many … Read More

Alternative to Plooto For International Money Transfers


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Making an international money transfer can be extremely stressful. Today there many options to choose from. First, there are traditional channels (and usually the most expensive) like wire transfer. Then there are old remittance companies like Western Union, PayPal who have been around for decades. The digitisation of services has ushered in more options in the form of online money transfer companies like Transferwise, Plooto, Paymentrails and REMITR to name a few. So, when there … Read More