Best Shopify Apps For Your E-Commerce Business

Best Shopify Apps For Your E-Commerce Business

If you’re running an ecommerce business, you need to check out the Shopify App Store.

Shopify is a SaaS platform that provides you with the key tools to start, grow, and manage an ecommerce business.

Using Shopify is simple, and that makes it especially popular for those with little or no experience in online retailing.

Packed with extensions and apps, Shopify offers various plans and allows you to pick the best one for your business. Choosing the ones that are truly useful can be a daunting task though, and can make a huge difference when you are selling online or selling globally to customers in different countries.

Here are some of our favourite Shopify apps for e-commerce businesses:

  • Shoelace

Shoelace lets you retarget customers who don’t complete purchases with automated, effective ads. It automatically creates ads and suggests creatives, budgets, and audiences.

In other words, Shoelace basically offers you ad retargeting on autopilot.

This benefits your business as it removes any guesswork from delivering a killer retargeting strategy.

  • Privy

Privy helps e-commerce businesses to convert website visitors into subscribers and customers. Its free suite of conversion tools includes exit-intent driven popups & banners.

Popups are a great way to grow your store’s email list.

Privy allows you to trigger popups using exit intent, time on site, scroll, cart size and more.

  • ShipStation

ShipStation makes importing, managing and shipping your businesses orders exceptionally efficient.

It combines order processing, production of shipping labels, and customer communication in one easy to use service.

Its web-based interface also integrates directly with major carriers and online platforms. ShipStation lets you choose from nearly 40 carrier services across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K.

  • Optinmonster

OptinMonster is a powerful conversion optimization tool. It’s super simple to use – coding or development skills are not required!

This app allows you to grow your email list, maximize engagement, conversions and sales.

Through personalized messages based on their behavior, the app lets you intelligently target visitors’ shopping experience.

This all helps to reduce cart abandonment and boost sales conversions.

  • Kit

Kit works as an automated bot that contacts you with suggestions for ads on Social Media. It creates things like Facebook and Instagram ads, Instagram as well as Facebook posts.

It even creates promotion codes, personalized thank you emails and quick reports!

Using Kit is a bit like having a less intuitive marketing employee. This would be the ideal tool for a startup that is short staffed.

It frees up lots of your time, allowing you to only chime in whenever a decision needs to be made.

Kit also integrates with other apps from the Shopify App Store, making discounts and reviews easier to process.

  • Buddha MegaMenu

MegaMenu by Buddha constructs beautiful menus and submenus for your online store. This is a crucial tool, as having poor navigation can turn any customer off your website.

A clean, attractive menu system makes your products easy to discover. This in turn encourages potential customers to stay longer on your site.

All these factors contribute to upselling your products and increasing sales.

  • Product Reviews

This Shopify App Store product is essential for your e-commerce business.

It allows customers to easily review your products, encouraging feedback. The app also allows you to approve reviews before they go live.

Product Reviews is simple to use, and creates an opportunity for customers to encourage sales.

It can also help improve your SEO results by adding SEO-friendly review scores to your Google search results. This is a cheap and easy way to get high quality SEO links.

  • Parcelify

Parcelify lets you create simple and powerful shipping rates.

This powerful tool can be used to create custom shipping rates based on address, products, total weight or price.

If your e-commerce business has a problem with shipping rates, Parcelify is definitely the app for you.

  • Whatshare

WhatShare is the easiest way to include a WhatsApp share button on your store.

This is huge, because WhatsApp is one of the social media apps with the highest link open rate.

Not only will this encourage customers to share your products with friends, but you can also track what links are shared.

These results will help you to drive more targeted traffic to your site.

  • Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger App you use to connect with friends personally can also be used to benefit your e-commerce business.

If you’ve got a business in 2018, it should have a Facebook page.

Facebook is the world’s largest Social Media platform, with over 1 billion users.

This app allows you to turn conversations into conversions.

You can boost customer satisfaction by chatting live with customers via Facebook messenger right on your store.


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