REMITR wins at NTT Data Open Innovation Contest in Toronto

REMITR wins at NTT Data Open Innovation Contest in Toronto

It was a superbly contested event at Mars Discovery District. NTT Data conducting their Open Innovation Contest would surely have been delighted by the high quality of Toronto startups showcasing their products. It was exciting from the moment it kicked off, with products as diverse as Comfable, DIID, Work Tango,, Inkblot Therapy, Slice Labs, and of course REMITR.

A wonderful keynote by Allen Lau of Wattpad was followed by introduction to NTT Data and an impromptu song by Kotaro Zamma(it was in Japanese and we understood every word of it :-). And after that song of course, the song and dance of 7 intrepid startups.


Thank you judges Kotaro Zamma, Kaz Okada, Ramtin Attar and Luce Veilleux for considering Remitr worthy of the Judges Award.

And a big shout out to NTT Data and Mars for creating this wonderful opportunity in the Canada startup ecosystem. You can follow all the buzz of the contest on the twitter hashtag #NTTData. and the report by Techvibes.

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