REMITR Adds Beneficiary Notification To Further Simplify Payments

REMITR Adds Beneficiary Notification To Further Simplify Payments

At REMITR, we aim to make international payments as simple, fast and inexpensive as possible.

To further reduce the stress of sending money for our valued users, we’ve added features to let you notify beneficiaries about your payments.

There’s nothing more annoying than someone asking your for their money when you’ve already sent it to them. At REMITR, we provide 1 day transfers – but that doesn’t always stop your clients putting pressure on you.

Now, REMITR users can automatically notify their beneficiary via email, once a transfer has been initiated. This will reassure your payee their money is on the way and help get them out of your hair.

In order to start notifying the beneficiary, there is one setting users will have to change in their own Settings screen.

You can see this process in the screenshot below.

REMITR Adds Beneficiary Notification To Further Simplify Payments

REMITR allows your business to pay clients and freelancers worldwide without the stress of bank wire transfers.

Our service allows you to send money to over 150 countries – all within 1 business day, and for just $5 per transfer!

With REMITR’s 24/7 service, you get the best live foreign exchange rate – regardless of banking hours.

If you need to send money, but also want to save money, get in touch with REMITR today. 

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Remitr is the better alternative to cheques, bank visits and wire transfers (they all suck). The Remitr Global Network allows fast, often 1-day, business payments worldwide. Remitr also offers businesses a free Global Business Account for receiving online sales payouts in USD, GBP and EUR – all without the bank fees or the delays.

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