REMITR Introduces REMITR Collect


Receive Payments

Figuring out the best way to receive payments from international clients can be stressful.

There’s the tiresome issues of dealing with bad foreign exchange rates, and trying to communicate with partners in different time zones.

Worst of all are the sneaky receiving fees or inward remittance charges levied by banks, meaning you never get the full amount you’re owed.  

But all these problems are now a thing of the past, thanks to REMITR Collect.

Once you register for REMITR Collect, you will receive a free REMITR Global Account.

What’s Special?

There is no maintenance fee and no monthly minimum to pay. And the cherry on top – there’s no strings attached! Which means you will not end up with nasty surprises ever.

When raising an invoice with customers, you will provide them with your personal REMITR Global Account number.

This number can be for US or for Europe.

This Global Account allows you to receive payments in Euros and US Dollars.

Receiving payments into this Global Account is completely free! Good riddance receiving fees.

You only pay a small flat fee of $5/€5 to withdraw the funds into your own bank account; wherever in the world it may be.

Users have the ability to withdraw funds from their Global Account into their local bank account at any time they wish.

Funds are transferred to your local bank account within 1 business day of submitting your online withdrawal request.

REMITR is accessible 24/7, thus eliminating the excuse of customers who are using distance and time zones as a plausible reason to delay payments.

Our platform is a 100% secure, FINTRAC-registered service that employs state of the art technology to protect your payments and financial information.

For receiving payments from anywhere in the world – there is no better way than using REMITR Collect.

Sick and tired of paying hefty receiving fees? Of waiting around to access your money? If you’re in need of a payment acquiring service you can really trust, get in touch with REMITR today.