What are the Most Commonly Outsourced Products from China?

What are the Most Commonly Outsourced Products from China?

China is a leading global manufacturer and continues to advance international businesses each and every day. Many of the world’s biggest brands avail of China’s low production and labour costs to maximise thier profits.

From cars to high-tech electronics to clothing and footwear, outsourcing products from China has benefited nearly every country in the world, and can most likely benefit you too! Here’s a list of the products that are most commonly outsourced from China. 

Electronics: Phones, laptops, cameras!

China is known for providing wholesale electronics, like headphones, portable chargers, camera accessories and much more. The nation is known for its high-tech innovations and produces unique gadgets you won’t find anywhere else. 

In 2016, the president of China expressed his goal to make the country a world-leader in science and tech innovation. Since then, many have reported an increase in the quality of their outsourced electronics, in addition to clothing quality. In fact, an ECB report sees that China produces the same products you would see in the United States and other developed economies, although the quality is on par with well established world competitors for a remarkably low price in comparison. 

Some common electronic products that are majorly outsourced from China include cell phones and laptops. Over 70% of the world’s mobile cell phones are made in China!

In fact, almost all of Apple’s products are designed in California and made in China. With intensive labour at an average of $2/hour, Apple has capitalized on Chinese manufacturers and saved the company huge amounts of money.

Clothing: Jackets, leggings, mitts!

China is the world-leading clothing and textile exporter. The most common clothing products that are outsourced from China are usually things such as cotton fabric, dresses, t-shirts, leggings, jackets, oven mitts, hand towels, etc. 

As the largest producer of polyester and cotton, making clothing is incredibly easy. You can essentially find anything you want in China, and for competitive prices too. Many US fashion companies outsource a majority of their garments from here; the US alone imports a solid 97.5% of its clothing from China. 

Not only is the nation known for its cheap clothes, but also has a highly reputable presence in the global textile market. Certain cultures and countries like India and Africa import textiles from China to create decorative garments. 

Although China’s clothing industry has seen some decline in the past two years as a result of price increases, many western businesses are still heavily reliant on China’s clothing and textile industry.

What are the Most Commonly Outsourced Products from China?

Footwear: Sneakers, sandals, boots!

Shoe manufacturing is also a huge market in China. It’s no secret that western footwear giants, such as Nike, Adidas, and even Ivanka Trump herself, get their shoes made from here. From sandals, flats, to high heels and boots, you can (once again) find nearly anything you want for a relatively cheap price. 

Some of the most reputable footwear factories are Daphne International Holdings LTD., Red Dragonfly, Spider King and Yue Yuen Industrial LTD. Depending on what kinds of footwear you’re looking to outsource (like athletic shoes or stylish sandals), it’s worthwhile to do your research because footwear is a highly competitive industry that caters to different styles.

For example, some companies like Red Dragonfly are known for producing quality leather shoes. If you’re looking to get sneakers, Red Dragon is probably not your best bet, so go with a company that specifically makes athletic shoes, such as Yue Yuen.


In 2004, China took Italy’s place as the world leading furniture exporter, and currently brings in about $93.4 billion USD in revenue. 

The Chinese furniture market is quite unique; traditional furniture makers believe that using glue and nails decrease the lifespan of the product due to rust and erosion. Thus, the furniture is designed in such a way that the wood connects without needing any additional binding materials. 

This kind of design reflects how truly innovative Chinese engineers are in comparison to other countries. What’s even more is that this kind of furniture can literally last *centuries* if the wood is of good quality and of course, if the furniture is treated right. 

Furniture manufacturers are generally located in specific areas called ‘furniture zones’. These include Shanghai and Shandong, while many factories are looking to move operations to Beijing. 

Plastic and Plastic Products

Plastic product exports are arguably the single most commonly outsourced thing from China. As of 2013, China has been the world leading producer. 

The wholesale supply of plastic is generally handled by state-owned corporations. Most plastic product manufacturers are privately owned and work independently. 

WIth recent improvements to quality, the industry has seen an increase in the production and sale of plastic plates, tubes and film. Generally speaking, China creates plastic products of all kinds: toys, makeup brushes, containers, pill bottles, cutting boards–literally, anything. You name it, they make it.

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