LIVE BLOG: COVID-19 Support and Resources for Small Businesses

LIVE BLOG: COVID-19 Support and Resources for Small Businesses

Companies all across the world are operating remotely, playing their part in slowing down the spread of COVID-19. But not all are so lucky, with some being forced to temporarily close, or reduce their offerings.

One thing is clear – we’re all in this together, and we’re going to need to rely on each other to get through this. Whether it’s medical updates, employer resources, or info on available financial support – we’ve got as much helpful information here for you as we can.

*This blog was last updated at 4:pm, July 29th.

Small Business News & Resources:

Ontario to allow Toronto and Peel to enter Stage 3 on Friday, via CP24 (Posted July 29th)

Nearly All Ontario Businesses Can Reopen on Friday, via CTV (Posted July 14th)

Patios and Salons Reopen as Toronto Enters Stage 2 of Reopening, via CityNews (Posted June 25th)

Updated June 8th: Full List of Businesses that can Re-open in Ontario, via CP24 (Posted May 14th)

– Toronto Launching Program to Help Businesses Set Up Online Stores, via CP24 (Posted May 13th)

– Webinar: Applying for Government COVID-19 Funding, via City of Toronto (Posted May 7th)

COVID19: Tackling the Barriers Site to Support Businesses, via Govt. of Ontario (Posted April 30th)

– TechTo Digital Event: Coming Together in Times of Uncertainty, via TechTO (Posted April 29th)

– Google Startups: Free Leading Through Change Webinar, via Google (Posted April 28th)

– Businesses Can Now Apply for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, via CRA (Posted April 26th)

Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) Calculator Helps Your Application, via CRA (Posted April 23rd)

– Webinar: Accessing Resources and Funds for Pre-Revenue Companies, via MaRS (Posted April 23rd)

Applications Open for Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), via Betakit (Posted April 22nd)

It’s Now Free to Sell on Google, via Google (Posted April 22)

Managing Short-Term Cash Flow During COVID-19, via Sergio Eduardo de Ilzarbe – CFA (Posted April 20th)

E-Commerce Giants Waive Fees During COVID-19, via CTV (Posted April 20th)

Government Will Expand Loan Program for Small Businesses, via CP24 (Posted April 16th)

Trudeau Set to Loosen Small Business Aid Restrictions, via CTV (Posted April 16th)

– Virtual Event: Working with Small Businesses for the Future, via Canadian Club Toronto (Posted April 15th)

– Remitr Launches SEED, the Small Enterprise Exchange Directory. (Posted April 10th)

Banks Open Aplications for Canada Emergency Business Account ($4ok Small Business Loans), via CBA (Posted April 9th)

– Webinar: How to Weather the Financial Storm During COVID-19, via TPC (Posted April 6th)

Changes to the List of Essential Businesses in Ontario, via Govt. of Ontario (Posted April 3rd)

How Canadian Tech Companies are Pitching in During COVID-19, via Betakit (Posted April 3rd)

COVID-19 Government Resources, via City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam (Posted March 31st)

– Remitr Announces Zero-Fee Initiative, Removing Fees on ALL Payments Until April 30th (Posted March 30th)

Canadian Government Increasing Small Business Wage Subsidy to 75%, via Toronto Star (Posted March 27)

How DMZ startups are supporting those affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, via DMZ (Posted March 25th)

How to Find Out if Your Business Qualifies for the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy, via CBC(Posted March 24)

Working from Home: A Guide for Small Business Owners, via Remitr (Posted March 19th)

COVID-19 Economic Response Plan for workers & businesses announced, via Prime Minister of Canada (Posted March 18th)

Latest COVID-19 News Updates:

Much of Ontario to Enter Stage 3 of Reopening on Friday, via CBC (Posted July 14th)

Masks Now Mandatory in Toronto Indoor Public Spaces, via CP24 (Posted July 14th)

Toronto and Peel Region Enter Stage 2 of Reopening, via CBC (Posted June 25th)

Restaurants, Hair Salons & Malls Outside GTHA Can Reopen by Friday, via CP24 (Posted June 8th)

Canada and US Agree to Extend Border Restrictions, via Toronto Star (Posted May 19th)

Doug Ford Announces Phase 1 of Ontario’s Reopening, via CP24 (Posted May 14th)

Ontario to Reopen Some Retail Stores Within a Week, via CP24 (Posted May 13th)

– Trudeau Pledges Stronger Screening Measures at US Border When it Reopens, via CP24 (Posted May 13th)

Stocks Rise on Hope that Worst of Economic Plunge has Passed, via CTV (Posted May 8th)

British Columbia starts to lift COVID-19 Restrictions, via CP24 (Posted May 7th)

– COVID-19 Curves: Compare Canada and Other Key Nations, via CTV (Posted May 1st)

– Ontario’s Top Doctor Urges Social Distancing as Summer Approaches, via CP24 (Posted April 30th)

Where Each Province and Territory Stands with Reopening, via CTV (Posted April 29th)

Doug Ford to Unveil Framework for Restarting Ontario Economy, via CP24 (Posted April 27th)

Trudeau Promises $9bn in aid for Students Amid COVID-19, via CP24 (Posted April 23rd)

Goverment Setting up Emergency Community Support Fund, via CTV (Posted April 21st)

Trudeau Says Economy and US Border Won’t Fully Re-Open Anytime Soon, via Global News (Posted April 17th)

Bank of Canada Asks Retailers to Keep Accepting Cash, via CBC (Posted April 16th)

Far too Soon to Return to Normal, Pandemic Expert Says, via Toronto Star (Posted April 14th)

Doug Ford Plans to Extend Ontario’s Lockdown, via CP24 (Posted April 13th)

Ontario Creates Committee to Help Boost Post-Pandemic Economy, via CTV (Posted April 9th)

Ontario Creates Online Portal to Recruit Healthcare Workers, via Global News (Posted April 7th)

A Breakdown of How Each Province is Handling the Pandemic, via CTV (Posted April 7th)

More Aid Coming for Canadians who Don’t Qualify for Current COVID-19 Benefits, via CTV (Posted April 6th)

Global COVID-19 Case Count Passes 1 Million, via the Guardian (posted April 2nd)

Trudeau Looks to Recall Parliament to Pass “Biggest Economic Measures of our Lifetimes”, via CTV (Posted April 1st)

Large Businesses and Non-Profits Elegibile  for Wage Subsidy, via CP24 (Posted March 30th)

What’s Staying Open When Shutdowns Expand in Ontario, Quebec, via CTV (Posted March 24th)

Modified Banking Hours in Effect for Canada’s Largest Banks, via Remitr (Posted March 23rd)

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre List of Known COVID-19 Related Scams, via CP24 (Posted March 19th)

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak latest updates, via WHO (Posted March 19th)

Justin Trudeau announces Canada/US Border Closure, via CP24 (Posted March 18th)

Employee News & Resources:

– Applications to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit Now Open, via CRA

– Should You Wipe Your Shoes? Here’s Where COVID-19 Might Be Lurking, via CTV (Posted April 30th)

Facebook’s New Messenger Rooms Let’s up to 50 People Join a Video Chat, via BBC (Posted April 24th)

How to Stay Safe Online When Staying at Home, via CP24 (Posted April 17th)

More Canadians now Eligible for Emergency Benefit, via CTV (Posted April 16th)

Talking to Children about COVID-19, via Grace Segall & Chrissy Rossiter (Posted April 14th)

Managing Stress and Anxiety from COVID-19, via Starling Minds (Posted April 2nd)

How to Apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, via CP24 (Posted April 1st)

– Canada Suspends Federal Student Loan Payments, via CBC (Posted March 31)

Canada announces Emergency Response Benefit of $2,000 a month for up to 4 months, via Govt. of Canada (Posted March 27)

AGCO announces free SmartServe training, via SmartServe (Posted March 27)

– The Professional Centre will stream Tools to Owning Your Anxiety and Finding Calm in This Storm (Posted March 18th)

How to Look Good on a Video Call, via Lemonly (Posted Mar 18th)

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