India’s Top Exports: A Major Trading Nation

India’s Top Exports: A Major Trading Nation

Situated near highly populated trading partners such as China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, India’s location in South Asia makes it a favourable and profitable exporter. In 2017, US$295.8 billion worth of Indian exported goods were shipped worldwide. This total reflects a -12.1% decline since 2013 but a 13.6% increase from 2016 to 2017.

India’s exported goods and services constitute 18.4% of the Indian economy. Around half of India’s exports (by value) are sold to fellow Asian countries, 18.7% to their European partners, 17.6% to their North American importers, 8% to Africa, and 2.8% to Latin America (excluding Mexico, including the Caribbean).

Major Exports of India (2017)

Gems, precious metals: US$42.6 billion (14.4% of total exports)

Mineral fuels including oil: $35.9 billion (12.1%)

Machinery including computers: $16.7 billion (5.6%)

Vehicles: $16.2 billion (5.5%)

Organic chemicals: $13.6 billion (4.6%)

Pharmaceuticals: $12.9 billion (4.4%)

Iron, steel: $11.7 billion (4%)

Clothing, accessories (not knit or crochet): $9 billion (3%)

Electrical machinery, equipment: $8.8 billion (3%)

Knit or crochet clothing, accessories: $8.3 billion (2.8%)

Fastest-Growing Indian Exports in 2017
(% increase since 2013)

Furskins and artificial fur
Up 1, 490% ($11 million).

Up 993.7% ($1.7 million).

Straw, other plating materials
Up 630.1% ($18.9 million).

Meat, seafood preparations
Up 226% ($397 million).

Ceramic products
Up 122.3% ($1.2 billion).

Live animals
Up 116.8% ($27.1 million).

Cocoa, cocoa preparations
Up 94.5% ($161.2 million).

Up 83% ($906.9 million).

Up 75.9% ($3.7 billion).

Up 73.9% ($370.7 million).

Exports for India’s IT Services has also been growing at a fast pace. India’s computer software services and IT enabled services (ITeS) has upped 3.83% to US$111 billion from 2016 to 2017. The top importer for these services is the U.S.A, accounting for 57% of India’s total exports from 2016 to 2017. Following is the UK at 18% (equating to US$20 billion) and Singapore accounting for US$4.4 billion.

Top Indian Export Companies

Reliance Industries (oil, gas)

Tata Motors (cars, trucks)

Indian Oil (oil, gas)

Coal India (diversified metals, mining)

ITC (tobacco)

Bharat Heavy Electricals (electrical equipment)

Hindalco Industries (aluminium)

Tata Steel (iron, steel)

Bharat Petroleum (oil, gas)

Hindustan Petroleum (oil, gas)

Sun Pharma Industries (pharmaceuticals)

Steel Authority of India (iron, steel)

Bajaj Auto (recreational products)

Hero Motocorp (recreational products)

Grasim Industries (construction materials)

JSW Steel (iron, steel)

The competitive advantage for India currently is their positive net export for pharmaceutical products.

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REMITR can transfer funds to the following banks in India:

State Bank of India (SBI)

Punjab National Bank (SBI)


Bank Limited Bank of India

Bank of Baroda

HDFC Bank Ltd

Citibank NA

Power Finance Corporate Limited

Canara Bank

Standard Chartered Bank India

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