Inc42: Innovative fintech company REMITR attends first-ever business summit in India


Inc42 has showcased our participation in the Startup India Summit, the first ever event bringing together two very powerful business landscapes: India and the UAE. The summit aims to showcase startup companies from both countries for the purpose of global networking and interconnectedness; India’s business platform is the third best in the world, while the UAE is actively trying to become the leading nation for IT services. By bringing together these two superpowers, there is great potential to create revolutionary partnerships that can change the very fabrics of global commerce as we know it. REMITR was one of 16 Indian startups who took part in this event made alliances with various organizations that support the advancement of our business, such as the Abu Dhabi Global Market Program which promotes innovative financial business strategies. Read more in Inc42 to learn about how our company is contributing to the technological advancement of remitting on the world stage.

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