All You Need to Know about Hiring International Freelancers

All You Need to Know about Hiring International Freelancers

There is a need to rely on freelancers to work on various projects as the cost of human resources is increasing all over the world for local, and full-time employees. Even big agencies with a large workforce turn to freelancers on occasion. For smaller agencies and start-ups, freelancers are essential for hitting targets on time. With rising costs of local resources, many companies hire offshore freelancers offshore who offer competitive work rates.

The value also determines the quality of the work as freelancers today have quite a bit of control over what and how they get paid. Companies and agencies opt to pay monthly through payment modes like wired bank transfers, cheques, online payment systems like PayPal or by using services like QuickBooks, etc.

Freelancers prefer being paid online for easy access to funds. Research shows that freelancers tend to trust employers that pay onlinemore versus through mail, or wire transfers. It is also easier for them to track their pay statements online when the payments get credited frequently.

Safety and security of online payment systems.

Online payments have the advantage of worldwide acceptance. The online payment method has become increasingly popular as the volume of online business transactions has increased over time. With traditional payment methods like wire transfers or pay cheques, online payment is considered the safest way to pay international freelancers online, and the most flexible for freelancers all over the world.

The issue of trust has been the most prominent factor under consideration when you pay freelancers online. Payment platforms like REMITR resolve the trust issue by simplifying and automating cross-border payments. This platform ensures absolute transparency in the transactions made and in exchange rates and fees. The transaction is made in digital ledgers only when it has been validated by their system, thus keeping each transaction genuine and free from hacking. It also ensures complete security of your personal information and provides for safe and secure money transfer.

Payments to freelancers made easy by online payment platforms.

Online methods of payments offer employers more flexibility and control over how much they want to pay and when they want to make the payments. They can pay at any time from any place. Clients can opt to pay the freelancers through online modes to save money and time by reducing paperwork and the costs incurred for availing bank services for wire transfers. REMITR uses a blockchain operating system called MoneyOS which enables users to collect and make International payments from a single MoneyOS account, bypassing the traditional transfer methods like wired transfers through banks.

You can pay your freelancer directly from your bank account without visiting your bank. It helps you to transfer money to more than fifty countries in different currencies. Live rates are displayed in the mobile app, and your freelancer gets the same amount with the locked-in prices displayed at the time of your transaction. For the next pay cycle, you don’t need to input the details of the recipient all over again. You can just key in their name and send the desired amount.

Payments are made much faster online over traditional methods.

Processing your payments with REMITR replace the traditional lengthy process of inputting details, processing times and reconciling paper-based payment transactions. When you pay your freelancer by wired transfers or by cheque, the payment may be delayed if more details is required by the bank. Payments work on your scheduled time, and you can eliminate long waits for sending money by giving your freelancer access to funds when they need it.

You can now pay your freelancer online at affordable costs.

Banks will charge a high fee for transferring money between international accounts. Payment through cards can also come with a high fee. Remitr allows you to pay freelancers online with the best rates. REMITR also lifts the heavy work associated with printing, processing, mailing and transporting costs related to traditional methods of sending payments. As a result, the payment is made at a much lower price comparatively.

Use of smart technology in online payments.

The blockchain-based operating platform is an innovative development in technology to facilitate quick payments with no paperwork. It also allows for different currencies to be transacted via blockchain. REMITR, the mobile app for making cross-border payments online is based on MoneyOS; a blockchain technology based operating system.

You can pay freelancers online in either your home currency or the recipient’s currency from anywhere at cost-effective exchange rates, and the recipient gets to access the funds almost immediately. The entire transfer system is transparent with no hidden fees.

Remitr is the better alternative to cheques, bank visits and wire transfers (they all suck). The Remitr Global Network allows fast, often 1-day, business payments worldwide. Remitr also offers businesses a free Global Business Account for receiving online sales payouts in USD, GBP and EUR – all without the bank fees or the delays.

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