CIBC Global Money Transfer Fees and How to Avoid Them

CIBC Global Money Transfer Fees and How to Avoid Them
What is CIBC Global Money Transfer? 

CIBC Global Money Transfer is a service offered by one of Canada’s largest banks, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

Global Money Transfer is a platform offered by CIBC to its customers, which allows them to send money to 80 countries around the world. Customers can send money by signing in to their Online Banking or using the CIBC Mobile Banking App.

Once customers have entered the required information regarding the recipient and chosen the amount they wish to send, the payment will be processed. It can take up to three days for funds to reach the recipient. 


Global Money Transfer is advertised by CIBC as having a $0 transfer fee. However, if you look at their terms and conditions, you will note two important things.

The first thing you’ll notice is they state: “A Global Money Transfer and a Foreign Exchange transaction counts towards your allowable transaction limit, bank account transaction fees may apply.”

This means that, depending on your bank account, certain transfers may not be free. Some fees, not specific to international transactions, can still be charged. These fees may include overdraft fees and service charges that apply to your specific CIBC bank account.

The terms and conditions go on to say “our fee is non-refundable. Additional fees and/or taxes may be deducted from the GMT amount by the Recipient Bank.” This indicates that there’s another type of fee to watch out for – receiving fees.

While you won’t be the one paying this fee, it can still get you into some difficult situations. Why? Because receiver fees can cause some tension between the sender and the receiver.

Your supplier or employees will understandably want to be paid exactly what they’re owed – and nothing less. If they are repeatedly being underpaid, it leaves a bad taste. If this is your supplier, they may start slowing down their service to you, resulting in delayed production and shipments. At the very least, they may start marking up their rates to cover for the loss in revenue due to bank fees. 

A Guide To CIBC Global Money Transfer Fees

Foreign Exchange Fees 

The second thing that stands out from the terms and conditions of CIBC’s Global Money Transfer is the phrase “CIBC foreign exchange rates apply”.

When you send money to a country that uses another currency, it’s important to note that CIBC are not offering you the best Foreign Exchange rate.

Banks, and most other financial institutions, make a profit when exchanging money from one currency to another. Some charge a markup of up to 5% or more!

With their Global Money Transfer, CIBC hides their charges in the exchange rates they offer consumers. By not calling this poor rate a fee, this charge remains buried beneath the surface. Foreign exchange rates are constantly fluctuating, and can be hard to keep track of transparent FX rates applied by a bank and the exact foreign exchange rates prevalent at that very moment in the currency markets.


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