About us

Who we are

The REMITR team is passionate about championing small and medium business owners and changing their lives for the better. Can we do that with payments? Absolutely.


Put simply, REMITR makes sending and receiving business payments effortless. With an established global network that guarantees fast payments (often within 1 day), REMITR serves as an online banking platform for businesses, allowing them to pay freelancers, suppliers, employees wherever they do business.

REMITR also integrates with popular accounting software for 1-click payments, and provides API capabilities that mesh with existing solutions for both businesses and financial institutions.

Why we do it

REMITR is well-positioned to be a champion for small and medium businesses. How? By giving our customers back their peace of mind, and most importantly, their time. We take the pain out of making payments, so our customers can focus on what really counts – growing their business.