About us


About us

Who we are

Driven by passion.

We are a team of serial entrepreneurs, techies, and bankers who are passionate about simplifying and automating cross-border payments. Our objective is to drastically reduce the time and cost of transferring funds from one country to another.

We understand that growing a business in the internet age requires payment systems with the same reach and efficiency of today’s workforce.

REMITR is backed by passionate investors from all over the world who believe the infrastructure for international money transfers needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. They come from diverse backgrounds with experience running scaled-up digital businesses and large, traditional enterprises. Others have founded a number of the largest payment companies and funded some of the most successful startups.


What we do

The next payment reference.

Digital-native businesses need digital-native payment rails. We achieve simplicity, automation, and efficiency by applying the latest in technological innovations to age-old international banking. The result is helping businesses and individuals make hassle-free global payments.

REMITR provides quick online customer on-boarding, two-tap payment, competitive exchange rates, and a low fee. And we do all of this with the utmost regard for security and regulatory compliance.

Businesses can efficiently make cross-border payments to suppliers, contractors, and employees. Our mobile apps help individuals make the fastest possible remittances to friends and loved ones back home. All of this is facilitated by our cutting edge technology that drastically reduces the costs of moving money efficiently.


Our team

Team REMITR is a convergence of the best, most experienced & highly complementary talents in Payments, Technology and Marketing. They share the vision & passion for building a truly innovative global leader in remittances and payments.

United States

Remitware Payments Inc. 
2345 Yale Street, 1st Floor
Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA


Remitware Payments Canada Inc. 
439 University Ave, 5th floor 
Toronto, ON M5G 1Y8


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